S1E1: The Unbearable Flightiness of Ally

(Lead Counsel: Katie)


Ally McBeal is sad. She looks out a window, Vonda Shepherd sings (brace yourself for that happening a lot), and we are treated to what is, at this point, a context-less montage of her and some boy growing up together and falling in love. His name is Billy. At one point he literally has to pull her off him as she’s clinging to him like a spider monkey, so we’re really getting key information here. Anyway, Love of her Life Billy transferred law schools while they were dating, effectively choosing his law career over Ally. She chose HER law career over chasing him to Michigan, and here she is in Boston. Thus our story begins (Z: with somebody who didn’t want to be a lawyer, but followed her boyfriend to Harvard Law. Huh? This does not bode well). Continue reading “S1E1: The Unbearable Flightiness of Ally”




Every once in awhile, a show comes along with that perfect balance. Entertaining but not that smart, writing checks with a valiant effort that the plotlines just can’t quite cash. Ally McBeal is one such show.

As a fan of romantic comedies and catching up on what I missed in the 90s (having been in elementary school and not quite in the target demographic), this is my second foray into the Ally-verse. Full disclosure: I didn’t quite make it through season five the first go-round. Since then, I’ve acquired a lawyer friend, and in an effort to figure out what David Kelly and the decade of the 1990s were thinking when they put this together, I dragged him into my recapping efforts. I’m here to point out the rom com cliches, and he’s here to see how the legal stuff holds up. We’re both here to see if an unlucky-in-love, independent woman can find true happiness in the cold, rough world.


I have no idea what I’m in for. Seriously, none at all. I was alive when this show was on the air, so I know that it exists. I know that my mom played that Vonda Shephard album a whole lot, and I guess there was that terrible CGI dancing baby somehow? Anyway, if you’re reading this and haven’t watched the show before, or if you aren’t as into rom com type things, or if you just like to push your glasses up the bridge of your nose and correct people, I’m here to make sure that your voice gets heard. We are going to get exasperated and confused together, and then maybe see how it works out for these crazy kids and their lawyering.