S2E3: Our First Retcon

Trust me, you don’t want to know.

At C&F, Elaine and Ling (who’s back to see Nelle) run into each other at the elevator and stare at each other coldly. Nelle joins them and breaks up the potential catfight with a backhanded compliment to Elaine. Ling and Nelle go off to talk to Richard and Georgia approaches, giving Elaine an opportunity to call Ling a “bitchy little thing”, and suggest that maybe she has a new lawsuit because “her gynecologist pulled the wrong tooth”. A good a comment as any to take us into the credits.

Post-credits, we join Georgia and Richard in medias res, as Georgia scolds him for making her take Ling’s new case, where she’s suing a woman because her breasts are real. This should be good. Richard declares that Billy will be second chair, and it’ll take one deposition before they settle. But that’s all he’s got for her right now, as Mark, the minister of his church (as seen in the “Short People” episode), has arrived.

Georgia vents to Billy in the Unisex while they check for spies in the stalls: she thinks they’re only taking these ridiculous Ling cases because of Nelle’s hire. Billy thinks it’s Richard’s poor judgment that creates the chaos, and asks Georgia what her problem with Nelle really is. Georgia admits it’s kind of her very existence, since she’s no longer the “fairest one of them all” at the firm. Of course, as she makes this sheepish admission, a toilet flushes and dramatic music plays as Ally exits a stall. She’s delighted to see Georgia’s weakness, although pissed that Georgia thinks she’s the prettiest, and Georgia responds that Ally is ranked in her own universe.

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S2E2: Would You Rather: Misogyny or Horse Meat?


Previously: pretty much the whole last episode, plus Cage has a remote toilet flusher.

Nelle is in the Unisex again fixing her career-woman bun, and Cage remote-flushes and enters. They exchange greetings, then he stares at her and hears the heart drums as she puts on lipstick. Nelle turns around and asks if he’s drawn to her, down to the exact phrasing– apparently Richard tipped her off. As Ally enters, Nelle tells Cage that she has rules about dating coworkers, but makes them up as she goes. Once she’s departed, Ally declares, “It’s official: I hate her”. I’m not sure what it was about that that enforced your feelings, but duly noted.

Cage rushes out of the bathroom to confront Richard about telling his secrets, and unsurprisingly Richard mostly brushes him off. As Cage wrestles his suit jacket over his own head in frustration, Richard asks if he knows “shock jock” Harold Wick, as he’s a defendant in a case Nelle brought in. Now that the exposition has been properly installed, CREDITS!

At the staff meeting for this new case, Nelle is telling the rest of the gang that her client is Ling, a steel plant manager, who’s suing Wick for sexual harassment. Ready for this one? Ling is claiming that Wick hosts a sexually charged program, which contributes to the greater presence of sexually charged environments, especially in a workplace like a manufacturing plant. Lest you think the show is completely clueless, everyone else is in disbelief, and Billy calls it “laugh-out-loud ridiculous”. Continue reading “S2E2: Would You Rather: Misogyny or Horse Meat?”

S2E1: Maybe She Suffers from Sexlexia (+ an Update)

We’ll start with the update, because it’s sad news (and explains the hiatus): due to scheduling issues, our legal counsel Zeke is no longer recapping. Thus the break, while I figured out whether I could take this on alone. In the interim, I read some back posts, and other people started binging the show, and I realized I could not let David E. Kelley’s work stand without my withering commentary. So, if you’ll bear with me and my decidedly less technical knowledge, I promise that at least the feminist critique of Ally, and the side-eye at Cage & Fish’s “charming” quirk, will proceed apace. That being said:


Spoiler alert: this is the look of women helping each other in the workplace


This season starts with a title card “In memory of Phil Leeds”. I have to do some quick research, and it turns out Judge Raisin died between season 1 and 2. That’s too bad, he was a good actor, so I have no jokes for that one.

Anyway, let’s remind ourselves of what happened last season: Ally was batshit insane and started therapy, Cage was drawn to a bunch of ladies, Ally fell down a lot, Cage fell out of bathroom stalls. The show’s quirky, remember?

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Season 1 Rundown

Zeke: Hey Katie. You ready for this nonsense?

Katie: Absolutely.

Zeke: So Ally McBeal Season 1. That was certainly….something.

Katie: How did it compare to your expectations (if any)?

Zeke: Good question. I don’t think I had very many clear expectations, to be honest. I knew about VONDA and the Uncanny Baby, but not much else. So I guess I sort of thought that it would resemble other legal dramas that I’ve seen, by which I basically mean a few odd episodes of The Good Wife.

Katie: Oh, wow. No, this is in a whole different arena.

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