S2E17: Girl-on-Girl-on-Girl-on-Girl Catfight

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Previously: Nothing, somehow.

Sometimes I end up reading the IMDB synopsis for an episode. This one includes the phrase that became the title of the post, so I think I better take an aspirin before I start.

We jump in with Billy just having told Richard (and Cage) that he kissed Ally, but not to tell anyone else. Richard says it’s “unconscionable” for him to have told Georgia, but isn’t as concerned with that as he is finding about about Ally’s “fat, wet, juicy tongue”. He asks Cage to confirm from their makeout adventures, but Cage says they didn’t have much of a kiss. Richard is glad that they’re all sharing, so Cage contributes that at prom he licked out his date’s hearing aid: “I tried to explain myself, but she couldn’t hear me.” Okay, I’m tipsy and that is pretty amusing. Billy departs, leaving Richard vaguely offended.

In the conference room, we find out that “the sweat man”, a guy named George, is due in for one of Nelle’s cases. She says she has a thing about sweat, since she doesn’t perspire herself, and Ling chimes in that she’s the same way. Richard’s not swayed, since they need Nelle’s tax expertise. Richard asks Ally, “What’s with the big kiss?”, and everyone looks up. He corrects himself to “big case”, and Ally says she’s refusing to settle it. Richard tries to assign Billy to second chair but Georgia’s like “nope”, so he pulls Cage on. Elaine comes by to get Richard, since his client, Harry Wah, is here. Continue reading “S2E17: Girl-on-Girl-on-Girl-on-Girl Catfight”


S2E16: We’ve Definitely Got Trouble

Look, I’m sorry these keep giving you nightmares, but I have to work with what I’m given.

Previously: Ally and Billy kissed, Ally stood up Butters and he was pissed, Ling got hired at C&F, which made Georgia unhappy, Billy and Ally admitted they loved each other, Cage was weird in court, Ally and Billy were in therapy forever, Ally said she loved Billy AND Butters.

As Ally and Renee walk down the street, Ally chatters about how she feels excellent without Billy. But apparently not too excellent, as she hears passersby call her names and sees them pointing at her. Renee suggests that she see Tracy again, seeing as she’s done with Billy and should get over the guilt. A dog pees on Ally’s foot, and Renee confirms that that one is real.

In the office post-credits, Ally joins a team meeting, where Richard is describing a case with a possible cheating spouse, and he mentions it might be in Ally’s wheelhouse. Ally freaks out about the implications, but it’s a civil rights thing, since the wife is a paraplegic. They move on to talk about Cage’s case, something with a senator, being ready to settle, but Ally hasn’t gotten past her own stuff yet. She hears heartbeats, and when she looks over at Georgia, it’s the latter’s head that’s beating. Ally runs out of the room to get to work, and Ling declares that she might be weirder than Cage. Cage smiles awkwardly in response, until Elaine comes to get him for his settlement conference. Continue reading “S2E16: We’ve Definitely Got Trouble”